New Animal Created

It was created to live in the Rainforest called " Fludomulo"

All about the Fludomulo

This remixed animals ecosystem is a rainforest. It can adapt to the ecosystem's conditions. One of the organisms is an animal, and then there's a plant. Also a protest and then a type of bacteria. I remixed these so that it would survive in the rainforest. The rainforest has a lot of green plants and many different colored plants.

What it looks like and what it eats and drinks

It eats all types of fruits and vegetables and fruits. The animal also drinks tropical waters. It has a lotus for the eye and mushrooms for the feet. Also it takes the form of a dogs natural form. The bacteria is on the outside of the animal. This animal is also the average dog size, even though it's different from other animals.


It can survive only on tropical fruits, plants, and waters. Also sometimes it eats other animals. It will only do that when it has no other choice but to. It will not harm anyone else that crosses it's pathway. Then it can't turn wild on anyone, thing, or person. It is also very helpful and resourceful.

This animal would survive because...

It eats and drinks resourceful things and is very helpful. Then it lives in the rainforest which has all of the things it likes and needs. It can blend in with the ground, which is very helpful. Then it can blend in with the waters of the rainforest is a colorful area. It will survive in this area of land and water. It has a blue coat of fur, but if it's coat of fur changes it color it will be a rare thing that the Fludomulo does. Also it can reproduce up to 5 of it's own kind.

The reason why this animal has a lotus for an eye is for blending in with the waters. The reason why this animal has mushrooms for it's feet is for blending in with the ground. Also it will be able to decompose any rotting thing that it steps on. The bacteria on the outside of the animals body is to help it fight viruses that try to get inside of it. These are all the reasons why this animal will survive in this rainforest. Even though it may look ugly it's will survive. It howls really loudly whenever it's really lonely and howls at the moon.