University of Texas

Austin, Texas

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Requirements of acception:

To have the opportunity to attend UT, you need to have a GPA of at least a 3.0 as well as be in the top 10% of your high school class.

You also need to have made at least a score of 1901 on the SAT, or a 28 on the ACT.

Requirements for major:

In order for me to complete a major in psychology, the requirements include: at least a GPA of 2.5, and at least two years of foreign language credits.

Total cost:

The total amount of money is usually around $9,346 a semester in addition to the housing fees that cost $9,272 per semester.

Clubs and organizations:

There are a variety of organizations and clubs to be apart of at UT.

There is even the opportunity to create a club of your own with only a $10 fee and a friend. However, as of right now I only see myself being apart of band, and possibly a sorority.

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Interesting facts:

The well known mascot of this university is a longhorn named "Bevo" which is also a play on the plural word for "beef," or beeves.

The hook 'em horns hand sign was first unleashed by the head cheerleader during a 1955 football game.

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Basic information:

The average freshman population admitted to UT is around 7,287 people.

With this in mind, the population of the urban city in which the university resides is over 30,000 people.

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W.E.I.R.D.O. Conjugations:

Verbs ending in AR:

Yo: -e

Tu: -es

El/ella: -e

Nosotros/as: -emos

Ellos/ellas: -en

Verbs ending in ER:

Yo: -a

Tu: -as

El/ella: -a

Nosotros/as: -amos

Ellos/ellas: -an

Subjunctive Formula:

The subjunctive sentence structure goes as follows: (Subject 1) (W.E.I.R.D.O.) que (Subject 2) (Verb conjugated in subjunctive)...


1) Conjugate subjunctive verb in "yo" form.

2) Drop the o.

3) Conjugate in subjunctive.


W: Yo espero que la Universidad no me niegué mi aplicacion.

W: Mi mamá desea que yo tenga amigas en todos los clubs de la universidad.

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E: Mis padres son temen que si no me trabaje mucho en mi bachillerato, no puedo tener éxito en la Universidad.

E: Yo temo que mi familia y yo necesitaremos pagar para mi escuela por un buen rato porque es muy caro.
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I: Es importante que tu escuches los consejos de tus padres y estudiar mucho.

I: Es importante que te inscribas rápidamente antes la fecha límite.
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R: Mis padres recomiendan que yo trabaje mucho durante mi carrera de bachillerato para tener éxito en una Universidad.

R: Yo recomiendo que tu apliques para una beca, porque la Universidad es muy cara.
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D: Mi hermana duda que yo pueda ganar el doctorado en psicología, pero soy dedicada.

D: Yo dudo que mis padres permitarme vaya a los partidos de la Universidad.
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O: Ojala que me enfrente a los retos en la Universidad.

O: Ojala que todos a mis amigos pueden a ganar unas becas.
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