Etiquette rules in Jeremie's House.

etiquette rule in Angola by "Rosloy"

follow the descriptions of that hous babe

In any type of house, any one has a rule or policy set up for some reasons.

at my house i have certain policy set up because i like keeping everything organized and safe. some of the descriptions of the house are:

  • The house contains four bed rooms and two bathrooms.
  • The house has wide space before you get in the living room.
  • The house has a carpet 20 feet after the door.
  • The house has a dog call divine

Rules set up by Massaki's

  • Take off your shoes before you get i the house.
  • greet whoever you see in the house.
  • shut the door when you get in the house.
  • don't talk a lot .
  • don't t steal anything in the house.