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Principal's Update - August/September, 2021

Welcome Back!

Dear Orchard Hill Families,

It's hard to believe that in a very short time school will be back in session. I hope that you found time this summer to enjoy being with family and appreciated the welcomed break that the summer season brings. Montgomery township is a very special community and I am honored to be the principal of OHES, welcoming our youngest learners to this outstanding school district. Our teachers have been engaged in professional development opportunities throughout the summer and are prepared to deliver high quality instruction to all students. We will continue to focus on a district priority of implementing curricular changes to incorporate diversity, equity and inclusion. To learn more, be sure to visit our DE&I website.

This year we have planned a return to our traditional Open House so that children can meet their teacher and visit the classroom prior to the first day of school. Social-emotional learning is at the forefront of our practice as we welcome back students to school. Our Open House will take place on Friday, September 3rd. Details regarding specific times and protocols have been emailed to all parents/guardians. The times for visiting the teachers and classrooms are listed below.

  • Kindergarten AM Classes: 9:30-10:00am, Kindergarten PM Classes: 10:00-10:30am

  • 2nd grade: 9:30-10:30am

  • Pre-K and 1st grade: 10:30-11:30am

The staff and I are excited to welcome back all of our students to this new school year! I wish you and your families all the best and hope you enjoy the remaining days of summer.

Warmest regards,

Mrs. Scotti

Student Placement Information

On Friday, 8/27, you will be able to access your child's placement for the school year through the Parent Access portal. We have worked diligently to place your child in the best possible setting. Please know that at this time we will not be able to accommodate any requests for classroom changes. Thank you for your understanding. Once in Parent Access you will navigate to a welcome letter from your child's teacher. Also be sure to look at our Parent/Student Handbook for more information about our school.

Student Placement Information :

1) Visit https://parents.mtsd.k12.nj.us

2) Enter your username, which is your email address, and your password. If you forgot your password, use the "forgot my password" link. Your password will then be sent by email. If you are unable to log in or do not have an account, please contact genesissupport@mtsd.us.

3) Click on documents and view the teacher's welcome letter

There will be steps to follow before you are able to view your child's placement. A letter was sent on August 16th by Corie Gaylord, Director of Student Academic & Counseling Services with that information. You can read the letter here.

School Supplies

As a reminder, school supplies by grade level can be found here. As we return to full in-person learning students will need to bring these additional items to school everyday.

Additional Supply Items

  • Personal pack of tissues
  • A beach towel to sit on in the classroom and during outdoor breaks (please launder and return each day)
  • Three masks (required):
  • One to wear each day;
  • One to remain in the classroom (in a Ziplock bag with your name on it)
  • One to keep in child's backpack (in a Ziplock bag with your name on it)

Masks must:
  • Fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face
  • Completely cover the nose and mouth
  • Be secured with ties or ear loops or gaiter neck style
  • Include multiple layers of fabric
  • Allow for breathing without restriction
  • Be washed and machine dried without damage or change to shape
  • NOT include vents/valves

Health and Safety Information

As we begin the school year and prepare to bring back all of our students the following health and safety protocols will be implemented:

  • All staff and students will remain masked throughout the day both indoors and outdoors, except during snack and lunch

  • Contact-tracing will take place when:

    • Students are within six feet of each other unmasked for longer than 15 minutes in a 24-hour period

    • Students are within three feet of each other masked for longer than 15 minutes in a 24-hour period

    • Snack-time will take place in the classroom or outdoors when feasible based on teacher discretion. Snack-time will last no longer than 15 minutes.

    • Lunch will take place in our cafeteria with students seated at least three feet apart. Given that students will need to be unmasked, contact tracing will be initiated and close contacts quarantined should there be a positive case. All students will have assigned seating to assist our contact-tracing process.

  • Classroom, lunch, and bus seating charts will be required

  • This year, students may:

    • Use cubbies/lockers

    • Take books from classroom library

    • Share materials when needed

    • Meet for small group instruction (at 3ft) at the discretion of the teacher

  • Recess will resume normal activity and playground use, masks will remain on.

    • Indoor recess will take place in the classroom

  • Custodians will continue Covid cleaning protocols and disinfect all classrooms, bathrooms and cafeteria every day

  • Caregivers will need to complete a daily health screening form for each of the students attending OHES. Reminders will be sent each morning to assist in the process.

Staffing Updates

We are pleased to welcome the following staff to OHES this year:

  • We have two new nurses in our health office at OHES. Mrs. Sabu Gosai joins us as our school nurse and Mrs. Kamal Paul will continue as our RN.
  • Ms. Alessandri will teach one of our preschool classes. She is a former Montgomery graduate and spent the last 3 years teaching preschool in Thailand.
  • Ms. Eisenmann joins 1st grade as a leave replacement for Ms. Liotti through December 23. She was a student teacher at OHES in 2019.
  • Ms. Petrasek will join 2nd grade as a full year leave replacement. She recently taught 2nd grade in Pemberton township.
  • Jacquelynn Ware will be a special education LLD teacher this year. She comes to us from the Ewing Township school district.
  • Dr. Adam Hackel will teach music at OHES this year. He previously was a music teacher at the Upper Middle School.
  • Ms. Norelis Martinez joins OHES as our ESL teacher. She is coming to us from the Lower Middle School.
  • Mr. Tyler Cuffie, pending board approval, will join OHES to teach part-time Art.


We also want to congratulate Mrs. Brenda Huneryager and Mrs. Michele Diatlo as they will both retire on October 1st. We wish them all the best as they begin this new chapter in their lives.

MES PTA Information

Our Montgomery Elementary School PTA co-presidents for the upcoming year are Mrs. Yuna Kim and Mrs. Unnati Patel. They are working hard with their team of volunteers to plan special events for this year and encourage you to get involved. They will make sure we have many Welcome Week volunteers to assist the children in finding their way to classrooms during the first days of school and we are grateful for their help. Our MES PTA is a great organization that supports many of our school-wide events. Click on the PTA link for more information on how you can get involved in our school.

Chartwells School Lunch Information

All first and second graders eat lunch in our cafeteria. Students may bring lunch from home or purchase a lunch at school. For more information click here for a letter from Chartwells.

Parent Drop-off/Pick-Up Procedures

Student safety is a number one priority at our school. If you are dropping off or picking up your child please follow the process as outlined below:


  • AM Kindergarten Drop-off is at the west gym by the circle parking lot on Burnt Hill Road from 9:25 am to 9:35 am when staff is present to receive your child.

  • PM Kindergarten Please park in front of the main entrance in the 10 minute parking spaces and walk your child on the sidewalk to the west entrance. You will see bus students entering here as well. A staff member will be there to greet the children. If you arrive at school after 1:15 please enter through the main entrance and sign in at the reception area.

  • Grades 1 and 2 Drop-off is at the East Gym in the main parking lot from 9:25 am to 9:35 am when staff is present. If you are the parent of multiple grade level students, please choose the drop off site that works best for your family. It is not expected that you drive to multiple sites to drop off your children.

  • Cars are not permitted in the bus lanes in front of the school between 8:35 and 9:35 am as this creates a traffic and safety hazard for students during arrival. Please do not pass a bus that is loading/unloading children at any time.

  • Do not park in drop off lanes or fire lane lanes.


  • AM Kindergarten and PreK pick-up - Please use the west gym by the circle parking lot on Burnt Hill Road, beginning at 12:10pm. If you arrive after the doors to the gym have been closed, you will need to drive to the main entrance to receive your child. Please use the identification card distributed at open house to communicate with our staff on duty. Place the card on the dashboard or hold up in your window. Our staff will safely bring your child out to your vehicle.

  • Parent Pick-up at the end of the day: You may pick-up your child by the East Gym in the main parking lot (under the solar panels) at 3:50 pm. Please look for staff direction and signage as you enter the parking lot. These are the same procedures that were implemented last year. For the safety of our students and staff, adults picking up may be asked to produce identification at any time. We recommend carrying a photo ID at all times. Please use the identification card distributed at open house to communicate with our staff on duty. Place the card on the dashboard or hold up in your window. Our staff will safely bring your child out to your vehicle.

  • All students require a dated note with parent/guardian signature. If an adult who is not listed as an emergency contact in Genesis is to pick up the child(ren), then he/she must be named in the note and will be asked to produce identification upon pick-up. Please send a note to your child’s teacher in the morning if you plan on picking up your child in the afternoon or if your child is attending an after school activity. Without a note, children will be sent to their buses.

  • Important safety protocols
    • Parent should follow traffic pattern, pull up to curb, and student should exit/enter on passenger side of vehicle.
    • Staff will be present at both locations to assist
    • No parent should park their car when dropping off or picking up a student
    • We will maintain a sign-out log for each student being picked up

Save the Date!

Wednesday, Sep. 1st, 6-8pm

This is an online event.

Parent information session with the district physician and administration. A Zoom meeting link will be provided.

Save the Date!

Wednesday, Sep. 22nd, 6pm

TBD if virtual or in person

Back to School Night for PreK, Kindergarten and 2nd grade parents.

Save the Date!

Thursday, Sep. 23rd, 6pm

TBD if virtual or in person

Back to School Night for 1st grade parents.

Stay Informed and Engaged

Please be sure to open and read all communications from the Montgomery Township School District, OHES, your child's teacher and other key members of our team in order to stay abreast of ever changing information.

Be sure to visit the OHES website for information, our Twitter feed and more. Please visit the school district website for links to all recent communications and alerts. You are also welcome to email us.

Teachers take attendance every day. If your child is unable to attend school,due to illness or anything else, please enter his/her absence in Genesis.

Thank you!

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