Recycling Plastic

Abbie, Autumn, Hunter, and Logan

Reusing and Recycling Plastic

There are many different ways to recycle plastic. Your used plastic can be recycled into large things like furniture, building materials, fleece, or carpet. Plastic can also be turned into smaller things such as containers, plastic bags, and insulation. You can cause a large impact by doing something small. One bottle may not seem like a lot but is really makes a difference.

Recycling at Home and School

You can recycle within your own home and at school. Instead of throwing your water bottles away after using them, you can wash them out and fill them back up to drink again. After you take a trip to the grocery store, save the bags and use them next time you go to the store or use them as garbage bags. You can take your used two liter bottles and turn them into small flower pots to grow plants in. We can start saving the Earth one bottle at a time!