Spindletop Texas Oil Project

Kaela Spinks, Stephanie Wendling, Chris Greathouse

Oil Boom Towns in Texas

The History of Spindletop

Spindletop is the beginning of oil in Texas and the United States. Spindletop was drilled by the Hamel brothers in 1901 under the management of Anthony Lucas. Lucas hired the brothers to drill for oil on Spindletop become rich. After that oil was the thing of Texas and the United States; it was a dollar ten a barrel. That back then was a lot for a person; after a few barrels they could be ten dollars richer than other people. They sold over thirty thousand barrels of oil in the few months it was alive. After about two to three months oil became ten cents instead of a dollar ten. The money didn’t flow like it did at first and the oil productions started to fade away.

Spindletop made Texas rich and began to run the economy for Texans and people moving to Texas. Texas began to put oil Derricks everywhere especially in the big plains and places that where very fertile. Texas began to build in population and money for the few months that it was alive. After Texas lost their massive amounts oil production they began to drop in population and money. Texas was falling in economy and sanity the Texas government began to worry and panic until the new economic saving product would be there.

Rates of OIl Production

Population Changes 1900-1940

Products made from Petroleum