Happy Birthday to Me!

And...Great Gifts for You!

It's my birthday month and we're celebrating all July!

Hey there!

I turn 34 on the 23rd of July and to mark this momentous occasion {you only turn 34 once, right!}, we're giving you some great gifts to choose from. That's right. My birthday. Your gifts. Nice!

Read on. Take your pick and let's get this party started!

The Great Gift Gala!

$50 off on Burstin' with Flavor 1:1 Workshops

Want to get crystal clear, laser-focused, social media, web content or blogging strategies that are tailored just for YOU? Use this gift to get $50 off our 1:1 workshops that are a set of 3 personalized sessions of 60-minutes each, include MP3 call recordings, .PDF downloads with action items AND 4 full weeks of me shadowing you through what we've learnt. Yum! Click here to get more details.

$50 Off On Go Bananas Business Blogging Packages!

We're going bananas-er! If getting great content for your blog AND saving time every single week is what you need, get the Go Bananas Blog Package {value $399} and save $50 on it! Click here to read everything you'll get!

Ready to get your gifts?

Email me at prerna@socialmediadirectbiz.com. Wish me a very Happy Birthday {ahem, it is my birthday month!} and let me know what you'd like for your gift. I'll send you all the details then. Or you could just hop on Facebook and Twitter and do the same. Public wishes are always nicer, don't you think? :)