Digital Storytelling

Our 2nd Club Meeting

Students completed stations

We had stations setup for our second club meeting. As partners or individually, students completed as many stations as time permitted. We learned that storytelling can be loud and we have to re-design the layout of our stations, so that those recording their stories don't have the rest of us talking and laughing in the background.

  • Station #1 - Students worked on their backpacks.
  • Station #2 - Using VoiceThread, students created a video, audio and typed responses to several images. Students LOVED this and were quite creative in describing the pictures. Some students told their story from the point of view of the people/animal in the picture, while others described what was going on. Very imaginative.
  • Station #3 - Students created storytelling dice. We'll use these dice next club meeting to tell impromptu stories.
  • Station #4 - Students added to the club blog and responded to the question: What types of books do you like to read?
  • Station #5 - Students used Scholastic's Story Starters tool to brainstorm ideas for a story that they can write. We used a story planner graphic organizer to begin capturing what each page of our story will have for pictures, images and sounds.

Storytellers in Action