Local Committee Meeting 4.0

Finally, an LCM! And more...

Hey AIESEC in Mumbai!

It's been a while since we've officially met as on Local Committee. We saw you at ALCong (YAY!) and Youth Speak Forum, but we can never really get enough of each other now, can we?
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Local Committee Meeting 4.0

Sunday, April 26th, 3pm

Xavier Institute of Engineering, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Mumbai, MH

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Talent Management MB Announcement!

Since I've already got you reading this new, cooler looking mailer, I'd like to announce my MB for Q2! (YAY! After the longest wait ever!)

These are the guys who are going to be keeping track of everything you do, watching your every move. You have been warned.

Haha, just kidding. (Or am I?)

Let's welcome these brilliant individuals to the IRIS! :D

Congratulations people!

Go out and express your love for these sex-bombs. *starts jiving*

I can't wait to start working with them. Here's to an amazing Q2!

See you tomorrow!

AIESEC Dance - Sex bomb