All About Me


I was born in Scranton, Pennysylvania and stayed there for 2 years. Then we moved to Louisville, Kentucky and we have been here for 8 years. I have gone to school at Kenwood Station ever since. I have a HUGE family and they are mostly spread out all over the place. I love animals and I want to be a Vet. If I had to be specific, it would be a marine biologist.


My favorite color is green and I love pizza. The sports I like are Basketball, Tae Kwon Do, and Gymnastics. My favorite place is California and my favorite animal is either a koala, panda, cheetah, or monkey. My favorite dessert is cupcakes and my favorite movie is Grownups. I also love fall, because that is my birthday season and time for Halloween. My favorite book is The Girl who Could Fly by Victoria Forester.


My family is big. My aunt, uncle and 2 cousins live in California. My other aunt and uncle live in New York. Some of my other cousins live here and some of my other relatives live in Pennsylvania. My other relatives are spread out in other places. But we are all very close and every year we go visit everyone.