The ALAMO by:John P.

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The picture below is a picture of the Alamo that was ether painted or computer generated.
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On February,23,1836 a VERY fatal battle between Texas & Mexico took place... the battle of the ALAMO! The Alamo was a big T.X. symbol in San,Antonio this place was inhabited by many Texans but even then there weren't enough of them to stop their enemy General Santa Anna WITH about 1800 TROOPS wow. With Texas only having around 500 troops we were out numbered. But we had the FAMOUS DAVI. CROCKETT[ who I will get more into later] anyway. we were out numbered all the women and children were in a tower so we had t wait a minute I'm getting to far in the story alright here we go so William B.Travis the Leader of the Alamo at the time sent out messengers to alert the the people and retrieve troops on day 8 of our 13 day battle 32 troops came to war bringing the amount of troops to nearly 200 at the time but when William saw the chances of winning were slim he drew a line on the ground and said ... any man willing to stay and fight step over 31 out of 32 stepped over among these 31 people there was David Crockett and Jim Bowie two very renowned people