Berry Gordy founder of Motown

By Latai Fifita

All about Gordy

If you don't already know , Berry Gordy is the creator of the one and only , Motown Record. Berry Gordy made Motown Records to promote black music and artists. The record company was created in 1959. Berry was born in Detroit and later on making the famous Motown. Gordy decided to produce Motown Records to advertise black music. This is because other record companies would refuse to allow black music in their companies. But, before he founded Motown he had attempted to produce a record company known to be Jobete. This record company came up to be unsuccessful. Even before Jobete, Berry Gordy had pursued a boxing career.After, he was drafted into the army. When he came back he decided to dedicate himself to music. Berry than created Motown discovering many artists you may know today. These artist are known as Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackseon, Marvin Gaye, and many more! If it weren't for Berry, you probably wouldn't even have heard of these amazing artists today.