Mission Inn Field Trip

Kaela Larios Period. 6

RainCross Bell

The Raincross bell is inspired by the mass bell of Father Junipero Serra. Frank Miller and Arthur Benton took credit for it.

Mission Inn Overview

There are 21 Spanish missions and their significance is that they would bring the country together and make the citizens more united.

Booker T Washington Bust

Nanking Bell

The spread of western and Japanese influence was not wanted by some of the people in China. They formed the Boxer Rebellion and led an uprising.

Frank Miller Statue

1700 Spanish Cannons

The US encouraged a war between Panama and Columbia in order for them to have access to the Panama Canal. This would mean more international trade and shorter trips.

Taft Chair

Teddy Roosevelt

Teddy's greatest achievement to me is that he protected many acres for land. Land was more appreciated than what is was before. He saved many animals and protected their homes.

Chinese Pavillion

The Chinese most likely came from angel island if they were immigrants trying to come to America. The Chinese Exclusion Act stopped immigrants from coming to America whenever they felt like.

Statue of Liberty Torch Stairs

Many immigrants were coming to America because America had jobs available for them. for all of the new factories that were being created, many people were now able to get a job.

Internation al rotunda

The US finally joined the war in 1917 when the Germans used submarine warfare to blow up America's ships.

Mission Inn

Riverside Art Museum


5 new consumer products were toasters, zippers, gum, jello, and scotch tape.


a movement in art and literature that sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind. Artists were able to express who they truly were and able to do that through art. it was sort of like a dreamlike feeling this type of art and sometimes is even hard to understand.


Fox Theater