New Hampshire

Founded by John Mason in 1638.

Come join Captain Smith in this beautiful new land!

Captain John Smith of England, sailing along the New England coast and inspired by the charm of our summer shores and the solitude of the countrysides, wrote back to his countrymen that:

"Here should be no landlords to rack us with high rents, or extorted fines to consume us. Here every man may be a master of his own labor and land in a short time. The sea there is the strangest pond I ever saw. What sport doth yield a more pleasant content and less hurt or charge than angling with a hook, and crossing the sweet air from isle to isle over the silent streams of a calm sea?"

Great place for you and your family!

Contained within the mountains, the three primary geological features and landforms of New Hampshire are; the Coastal Lowlands, the Eastern New England Upland, and the White Mountain Region. Known for its natural beauty, New Hampshire features rugged mountains, clear blue lakes, and sandy lake and ocean beaches. New England is the coldest of the three regions, mild and short summers that lead to long, cold winters but less disease than in the warmer colonies. New Hampshire has 1,300 lakes or ponds and about 40 rivers with a total mileage of about 41,800 miles. The coastline is 18-miles long and the shortest of any New England colony.

Fish, whales, and forests are our plentiful resources. Whale oil is a valuable resource as it can be used in lamps. The northern parts of the state produce lumber. Farming is difficult for crops like wheat because of the poor soil but corn, pumpkins, rye, squash and beans are raised. In the towns along the coast, the colonists make their living by fishing, whaling, and shipbuilding. Many rivers provide hydropower for the early mill economy.

Some of the most beautiful places here in New Hampshire!

Most colonists live a simple, yet difficult lifestyle. Most people believe that hard work will bring a sense of organized community. Because of this, entertainment isn't common in New Hampshire, but every so often, a town fair will be held. Games, contests, and sports are in the fairs, including wrestling, horse racing, and much more contests. Unfortunately, there is no religious freedom in the areas inhabited by the Puritans as they do not tolerate any other form of religion.
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New Hampshire is right on the coast of plentiful land, surrounded by the prosperous states of Maine, Massachusetts, and Vermont.

If you liked old Hampshire, you’re going to love New Hampshire!