Life in Sparta

Spartans lifestyle

The Spartan Empire

The Spartans are known as a very powerful empire. The Spartans valued discipline, obedience, and courage above all else.Spartan men learned values at early age, and they were very trained. The women was disciplined, strong, and athletic.

Famous Spartans

Leonidas I, is one most famous Spartans ever, the king that will be forever remembered for he battle of Themopylae. Nabis was the last ruler, and was actually an independent ruler of ancient Sparta, his control was limited and his territory was small.

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The kings


There was 2 kings who ruled. but a 28 member council limits their power. Emphasis only on physical education. Known for its powerful disciplined army. The differences of the boy and the girls Spartans, that boys Spartans trained early. Their part of training is running, jumping, swimming, and throwing javelins. But the boys Spartans does not get enough of food. The girls Spartans on the other hand has plenty of food and they have the same training as the boys. The women run the household, the while the men goes out.

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