how did the conditions in the military affect the militia


The militia were training part time which could not prepare the militia troops physically enough for war. Militia regiments did not go through the same amount of training for endurance that main soldiers went through due to only training part time; picking up all able bodied men did not make it certain that the men are trained.
The Ontario ministry of government and consumers services. states that The bulk of the inhabitants who served in the militia during the war had no previous experience at military life. the harsh discipline from the slightest mess up would end up in lashes , with bad health also and lashes from training many soldiers would run away from battle the rate of desertion was as high was 8 to 10 daily


The militia were a group of Volunteers who were trained and served Part-time.
training part time could not mentally prepare the militia as much as the other regiments. the militia was made up of people with experience with warfare and people without. the mental training some people acquired may not be enough for what happens in war. before war all males who were able bodied were officially members of the militia. Some may not be prepared to think that their whole family could be gone after the war, the reason they left they didn't come back to. militia soldiers were not mentally prepared to take a bullet. without bullet proof vests or protective gear like in our time the would not know the impact of a bullet. Medical knowledge being far in the future from the 1800's had soldiers being amputated due to infections from wounds which would increase a soldiers chance of living. Without the antibiotics and medicine now germs would harm soldiers during the war even before they fought.

Socially& economically

The militia volunteered to help fight in the war. when war time came the troops had to leave their homes to help in the war, which affects their family as they are left unguarded while the soldier is battling leaving it open for attack. The effect this has is that the providers of the family are being paid less than lowest rank soldiers (less than 16 cents). during war the agriculture declined because many farmers were called to fight and during the war land was damaged , and with that famine was inevitable.