Newsletter Week 6 Term 3

Meeanee School 31st August, 2022


I am feeling very proud this week of our school students after watching them participate in the Cross Country on Thursday. A number of students really stepped up to the plate and gave it their all (that's all we ask).

Lost property seems to be an ongoing issue for students. Any uniform that is found left out at the end of the day gets put into cloakbay's or lost property. Frequently at the end of the day I see parents/grandparents sending children back into school to track them down. We are encouraging students that when they take off their polar fleece that they put it away as soon as possible so they don't misplace it. Please reiterate this message at home. All uniform should be named clearly so that students can retain them.

Our 5 Year agreement with the Ministry of Education for school property has just been signed off. The Ministry of Education has prioritised our drainage systems and are underway with scoping out the issues and getting quotes to fix it. Hopefully this will mean that I won't be sending out those messages to please come and get your students early because the toilets are blocked.

The opportunities for students continues at school. Mrs McKay is taking out 2 teams for Barefoot 7's tomorrow over at Akina Park/Hasting's Boys High School. This is a great half day event where students play in the weight grades against other schools.

We have a Robotics team getting underway this afternoon with the new challenge for 2022/2023. Hopefully we will be able to enter the First Lego League Robotics competition for the first time at Meeanee School. This is thanks largely to the support of our PTA who bought us 3 Lego robots. The PTA is a very important group for our school to buy the 'cream on top' items that we cannot purchase through school funds.

The Pie Fundraiser was a massive success. It raised around $2000.

Thanks to those eagle eyed people who noticed that the Teacher Only Day date was incorrect! It is has now been changed on the upcoming events section. It is on Friday 30th September, so the last day for students in Term 3 will be Thursday 29th September.

Be Kind, Stay Safe,



This weeks PB4L focus is:


We will speak nicely to each other.


Cross Country 2022

WOW! What a massive success our day was. Thanks in principle to all of the hard work and preparation Kelly put into organising the event, ably backed up by our staff and volunteers.

Placegetters, who were at school on Friday, received their certificates at Assembly. The effort by all of our students was amazing. Most were ably supported by family members who had turned up to watch. It was incredible to see such a massive turnout of spectators. I know it helped the students to enjoy the event even more. The winning house was RED!

If you haven't checked out some of the photo's from this awesome day go onto our Meeanee School Community facebook page. Thanks once again to everyone who sent us through photo's. We keep a large amount of photo's at school on file so that in years to come we can look back on them. Including future school jubilees.

Wheels Day 2022

Over the past 2 years I have been asked many times about having a 'Wheels Day' at school. I have finally been able to find time and agreed that we can have this next Wednesday 7th September.

Sport Hawke's Bay is supporting the day by coming in and running some sessions with students throughout the day. Students will be able to ride their bikes, scooters, skates/skateboards during morning tea and lunchtime. A gold coin donation is asked for in an attempt to help fundraise for Papakura's camp as the whole idea came from Papakura students.

Helmets must be worn for bikes, and scooters. We highly encourage knee pads, and elbow pads for skateboarders and skaters. We do our best to make sure that the school environment is as safe as possible but students take part at their own risk!

Greendale Tennis Club Junior Opening Day

Hello from Greendale Tennis Club

Our tennis season is about to start again in a few weeks. Many of your students are already members of our club and I am sure many others would like to have the opportunity to play tennis. I am emailing you to ask if the following could be passed onto students and placed in your newsletter to parents, to inform them of our opening day details.

Saturday 10th September (if wet following week)

Juniors times:

Beginners 8.30 - 9.20am ages 3-8

Intermediate 9.30 - 10.30am ages 9-12

Senior 10.30 - 11.30 ages 10-18 (must be able to serve)

For more info contact Ian Smith 021 131 8433

With thanks

Ian Smith

Junior Coordinator/Coach

Sunday Market

Taradale Sunday Market is happy to support local, and is open weekly. For more info contact or look on facebook.

Upcoming Events

  • Barefoot 7's - Thursday 1st September
  • Wheels Day - Wednesday 7th September
  • Teacher Only Day - Friday 30th September