Tech Tools for the Math Classroom


Create a Quizizz || Play Quizizz

  • Alternative to Kahoot
  • Interactive game for formative assessment
  • Students complete at their own pace
  • Can jumble questions and answers
  • Questions can last from 5 seconds to 15 minutes
  • Images are placed in the background (downside)



  • Create interactive presentations
  • Formative assessments with instant data
  • Share student responses with whole group
  • Live sessions and "homework" sessions available
  • Compatible with any device
  • Teachers control via tablet or computer
  • Can be embedded into Canvas or shared via Google Classroom
  • Free to an extent


Math Games



Math Simulations


Math Learning Center Apps

Can be used on iPad or Chromebook


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Explain Everything Interactive Whiteboard

iPad App - $3.99

Also available for Chromebook (I don't think it would be as effective)

- Screencasting tool - make videos similar to Khan Academy

- Students could make their own videos to demonstrate understanding


  • Draw and annotate
  • Add text, shapes, images, videos, and files
  • Insert interactive web browsers
  • Laser pointer
  • Multiple slides

Free alternatives (with fewer features):

Explain Everything



  • Free online graphing calculator


Activity Builder

  • Assign students activities to complete
  • See their responses in real-time
  • Use pre-made activities or make your own
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Realtime Board

  • Online collaboration whiteboard
  • Teachers get FREE premium account plus unlimited collaborators
  • Can be assigned via Google Classroom



Create a Kahoot || Play Kahoot

  • Interactive game for formative assessment
  • Compatible with any device
  • Ghost mode - students play against themselves (can be assigned as homework)
  • Students can make their own to show understanding

For more advanced questions and answer choices (like equations and pictures):

  • Download the template here
  • Fill in question and/or answer choices in Microsoft Word
  • Take a screenshot of it (using Snip or Command-Shift-4)
  • Upload screenshot as image in Kahoot
  • Put spaces as answer choices


Other Resources

Virtual Nerd

CCSS aligned videos (grades 1-12)

NCTM Dynamic Paper

Create PDFs and JPEGs with customizable number lines, graph paper, nets, and more


Advanced mathematics problem solver

MathyCathy Blog

Inspiration for using technology in a secondary math classroom


Taking Screenshots

Two options:

1. Use Mac shortcuts
  • Part of a screen: Command-Shift-4
  • Fullscreen: Command-Shift-3
  • Saves to desktop


2. Download Snip (free)

  • Click scissors at top of computer or...
  • Use shortcut Control-Command-A (can change)
  • Can change destination folder
  • Can add shapes, arrows, text, and writing

On a Chromebook:

  • Part of a screen: Control-Shift-Window Switcher
  • Whole screen: Control-Window Switcher


Sarah Burgess

4th Grade Math Teacher

Lenoir City Intermediate/Middle School