Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

May 11

Moreau Heights is a collaborative community focused on student growth with a commitment to excellence.

PBS lesson

Focus your PBS on those things needed in your learning space.

  • Do students need to work on skills to solve problems with peers?
  • Do you need to practice transitions for your sanity?
  • Do students need a chance to fill each other's buckets?
  • Would a chance to review/brainstorm kind words be helpful?

"You are a giant, yellow highlighter. Highlight behavior you want more of, and help children become aware of the many kind and helpful things they do each day."

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Duties for the Week

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Calendar of Events

Monday, May 14

*Staffing for SS (Treat, Haugen, James, Henderson) 8:30

*WB Service Plan (Britton, Haugen, Treat) 9:10

*4th and 5th grade PBS Celebration

Tuesday, May 15

*2nd grade SSTs 10:00

*3rd grade SSTs 11:00

*5th grade promotion and reception 12:30 - 3:00

*K-3 PBS Celebration

*Summer School meeting 4:00 in library

Wednesday, May 16

*5th grade Bowling Trip

*Sports Day (12:30 - end of day)

Thursday, May 17

*Last Day - students dismissed 12:15

*Lunch for staff in library 12:30ish

Caption/Meme Contest

Create a caption for each picture. Contributions will be shared over lunch on May 17th.

End of Year

1. The 2018 summer professional development activities have been added to the district catalog in MyLearningPlan. Staff can sign up for activities listed in the district catalog by clicking on the activity title, then clicking on Sign Up Now.

2. Other dates to keep on your calendar

- End of Year Lunch in library 12:45

- End of Year Celebration at Connelly's house on May 17th after school

- Holtmeyer's Retirement Reception on May 18th at 5:00 at Canterbury Hill Winery.

- Returning Staff discussion to "Look Forward" May 24th at 9:00 in MH library.

5. End of year Checkout Forms

Certified staff (non-grade level teachers) -

Grade level classroom teachers -

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Staffing Updates

Joni Henderson will be joining the staff at Callaway Hills as a 4th grade teacher.

New Staff Members

Hannah Lenger will join our 1st grade team.

Jessica Yates will be joining our kindergarten team.

Katie Paul will join our 4th grade team.

Beth Yaeger will join our 5th grade team.

Difference Maker Nomination Form

Nominate a staff member who has made a positive impact for students, families and staff!

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