Informative Article of whitetails

By Skylar Kneifl

Whitetail Deers Diet

The whitetail deer only eats plants and can be known as an herbivore. It follows trails that have been used a lot to the feeding area. Whitetail deer feed mostly in the morning hours but will also feed a lot in the late afternoon. The whitetail deer’s diet can change depending on the season and the habitat it’s in. During winter they it woody plants like buds, twigs. They also eat grass and anything green during the spring and summer. During the winter they like snacking on farmer’s corn and nuts and acorns from the woods. “Someone people state that the whitetail deer is a ruminant. Its stomach has for chambers for digesting food. In the first two chambers the rumen and the reticulum, food is mixed with the bile to form the cud. The cud then is regurgitated and re-chewed and swallowed it passes through the rumen to the omasum where water is removed. Finally, the food enters the last chamber, the abomasum, where it is sent on to the small intestine where the nutrients in the food are absorbed.” The deer’s intensions let it eat harder plants that other animals can’t eat. Deer grow rapidly and can explain really fast if have the stuff they need.

What Whitetail deer look like

White tail deer are gray in the winter mixed with little brown and tan or brown during the summer less if there really old and some deer can be white forever these are called albino deer and you could have one that is called Pablo which is a deer that is like white with brown dots or brown with white dots. Most deer have a white patch on the throat and around the eyes and nose. They also have white on their stomach and tail. Males usually have the antlers but in some cases the female can have antlers this is a very rare case and doesn’t happen often. Males shed there antlers ever year around the same time and then they start growing back new ones and they have a protective layer of velvet on them. “Male whitetail deer weigh 150 to 300 pounds and the female weigh 90 to 200 pounds”.

Whitetail Deer Habitat and Preditors

The whitetail deer live in wooded areas that have thick cover and a good supply of water and food. In some areas, deer can become over populated and that can become a big problem because then they can spread diseases to each other faster and most deer will die. Hard winters can also kill deer if they are sick or can’t get throw the snow. Other things like wolves and mountain lions used to kill deer and keep the population down or under control. But because of the expansion of people and towns there are less places for them to live so most of them get killed because people don’t want them trying to kill there live stock or coming after them. Winter is the hardest time of the year because there long narrow legs and pointed hooves don’t let them move throw snow or across ice so dogs and other stuff can catch them and kill them.


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