Gabriel's Gazette

August 24, 2018

Releasing students!!

At the end of the day, after the final prayer is read, please release ONLY those students who ride the bus. Please do not release other students until the bell rings.

Goals and Evaluations

Below are the forms for the goals and evaluations. If you have not set up your appointment with Dirk, please do so.

Need to know about you!

I am still looking for short biographies from several of you. Please send them to me as soon as you can so that I can highlight you in the family newsletter.

Curriculum Night

Reminder, curriculum night is September 6th. If you are new to Santo Nino, please speak with one of the veteran teachers and ask about the process.

What do you think about this?

Big picture
This is a board where students write a note about themselves. It is something they wish their teacher knew about them. How about doing it in your classroom?

Daily Duties

Beginning Monday – the following teachers will walk out the classes for their Pods (there will be two teachers walking out four classrooms):

5/6 – Herman and Kim

3/4 – Cheryl and Margaret

1/2 – Nancy and Evelyn

We will do this for the next two weeks. If you have an afternoon duty then please ask one of the other teachers on duty to assist with your Pod’s classes.

Beginning Monday, September 10, we will rotate this dismissal routine:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday Tuesday and Thursday

5/6 – Herman and Kim 5/6 – Steven and Maria

3/4 – Cheryl and Margaret 3/4 – Janice and Deacon Joe

1/2 – Nancy and Evelyn 1/2 – Natasha and Carolyn

This will give teachers an additional time in their classrooms.

We are also trying to get volunteers to do Lunch/Recess Duties. Please put it in your weekly newsletters to your parents that if they are interested in volunteering from 11:00-1:00 Monday-Friday (any or all days) to please contact me ( so that we can get this organized.