Fall of Rome & the US



Some problems that made Rome fall where, taxes, taxes and more taxes. The people had to pay for the vast going government. they also had the people pay for the military establishment. They relied on slave labor instead of exploring for technology. The empires money started to decrease because of the lack of farmers keeping up with their lands. The farmers stop doing the fields because most of them sank into poverty and couldn't afford it. Also the climate started to change so the farmers couldn't grow. With the change of climates scholars were affected by this. The decrease of money caused a population. The main reason was because of the wars they fought in but also the sickness that their bodies were not used to. Those were some reasons why the Roman fell.


Fall of US

Some similarities with the fall of Rome and the US is we are borrowing a lot of money to try to pay our dept. Also we are raising the taxes of family to try to pay our dept. Our health is rapidly declining because of lack of excise and fast food. Our health is the worst in the world, we are the fattest country in the world. We also just got done fighting a war and we lost over 10,000 troops just in 5 years. One other similarity we rely on other countries for services, like China for a lot of products we could make. Also our farmers are declining because of all the factories taking the lands and the climate changing. Those are some of the similarities of the fall of Rome and the US.