Water Taste Test

By:Hunter Brott


What brand of water do people like best?


  • Nestle
  • Niagara
  • Tap water


Gathering my information!

I learned that our city's water department started in 1947 that's about the time Jackie Robinson played for the Dodgers. I learned that Niagara water is a family owned company. I learned that nestle started in Veyvey, Switzerland in 1976.

My Hypothesis

My hypothesis was that if we constructed a Taste Test and had people come up and taste our product (water). Then they would tell use what one they liked best... so we set up the taste test and had 100 people come up to our table.....i think that people will like nestle more than Niagara because its a better known brand than most. I like nestle but i think that people will like tap water more because it has a more natural taste to it.

the expirament its self

Materials List

  • Grab 80 clear plastic cups for each brand
  • Have 5, 16.9 oz bottles of each brand
  • Print out randomizer
  • Have out packet
Experiment set up
  • Fill all 80 cups for nestle with 20mL (repeat for niagara and tap water)
  • Set out 1 cup of each brand according to randomizer
  • When people walk up to table have them read signs then explain to them what they have to do
  • Then throw out used cups then repeat steps for the next how ever many people that walk up to table


During the experiment we had to record are data here's a pie graph to back up my data. as you can see the green indicates tap water, the blue indicates Nestle,yellow indicates Niagara. 82% liked tap water, 14% liked nestle, and 4% liked niagara.


I reject my hypothesis because my data shows that people like tap water more than bottled water. An error that I noticed was that the tap water was cold and the other brand bottle water was warm.