2015 National Autism Conference

IU8 Guidelines

Save the dates!

To assist IU8 professional staff with easier access to view this year’s National Autism Conference webcasts for Act 48 and in-service credit, sessions can be viewed at the below IU8 Offices.

IU8 Park Street office, Ebensburg - August 3, 2015 and August 6, 2015

IU8 Educational Development Center, Duncansville - August 4, 2015 and August 5, 2015

This will be an "OPEN" webcast. Which means that you can view any or all of the provided live webcasts on your own.

Reminder: Webcasts must be viewed ONSITE to receive Act 48 and in-service credit.

Webcast Schedule:


No registration with PSU is required.

However, if you will be viewing the webcast at either IU Office, please contact

Edie McCloskey (Emccloskey@IU08.org) 695-5643 to register your attendance!

If you need a laptop, please let Edie know upon registration so one can be provided to you.

No registration is required

To receive Act 48 and in-service credit for webcasts, professional staff must:

1. Receive pre-approval from your supervisor to view the webcasts.

2. View webcasts on-site: Itinerant staff at your assigned office and classroom staff at one of the above listed IU8 offices.

Please note: Webcasts must be viewed onsite to receive Act 48 and in-service credit.

3. Itinerant teachers report to your assigned office location on the day(s) of the webcast. Staff must sign-in on the attendance form, provided at your office location. Access and watch the webcast using your own computer. Classroom teachers report to one of the IU8 offices listed above. Staff must sign-in on the attendance form, provided at the office location. Staff will view the webcast on their own computers.

4. After viewing the webcast, complete the following for each webcast and leave these forms in the collection box provided at each site:

a. IU8 Act 48 and/or In-service Form

b. Webinar Evaluation Form (available at each site)

5. Staff must then sign-out on the attendance form at the conclusion of each session.

To view all webcasts being offered and to access handouts: http://omcphplive.outreach.psu.edu/programs/autism/webcasting

To access the live webcast(s):


Please keep in mind that PSU is “Green” so you will need to access the materials from their website!

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