Romeo External Conflict

People should realize that violence comes with consequences

Act 3, Scene 1

After Tybalt's death, the Prince speaks to the citizens, "And for that offense immediately we do exile him hence....Let Romeo hence in haste, else, when he is found, that hour is his last" (1051). The Prince is explaining Romeo's punishment to the citizens of Verona. This shows that violence is never the answer because Romeo may not be able to stay in Verona because of his fight with Tybalt. The deaths of Tybalt and Mercutio deepen the hatred between the Montagues and Capulets, which also puts the Prince on edge. Prince Escalus is saying that Romeo has to leave Verona and if he is found there again he will be killed. Romeo's consequence for killing Tybalt is he loses his home and nearly his life.

Act 5, Scene 3

While dying, Paris says, "O, I am slain! [Falls.] If thou be merciful, open the tomb, lay me with Juliet" (1093). Paris is speaking to Romeo, telling Romeo to lay his body next to Juliet's, revealing to Romeo his identity. The consequence of violence in this case is that Paris is dead. Romeo later remembers that Paris was supposed to marry Juliet and Paris is related to Prince Escalus. If Romeo hadn't ended up killing himself, there would've been a much greater consequence for Romeo.

Act 5, Scene 3

In order to get Balthasar to not follow him into the tomb, Romeo tells him, "By heaven, I will tear thee joint by joint and strew this hungry churchyard with thy limbs. The time and my intents are savage-wild, more fierce and more inexorable far than empty tigers or the roaring sea" (1092). This shows that violence isn't right because if Balthasar wouldn't have listened to Romeo, he may have been able to save Romeo. Romeo shouldn't have threatened Balthasar like that because Balthasar could've talked some sense into him or maybe stalled Romeo long enough for Juliet to wake up.

Act 5, Scene 3

"See what a scourge is laid upon your hate, that heaven finds means to kill your joys with love! And I, for winking at your discords too, have lost a brace of kinsmen" (1101). This shows that violence never solves anything because this feud between the Capulets and the Montagues has ended up with their children killing themselves because they can't be together. Because of all the fighting between their families, and the fact that their families hate eachother so much that Romeo and Juliet can't get married. If the Montagues and the Capulets wouldn't have hated each other so much and fought so much, Romeo, Juliet, Paris, Mercutio, Lady Montague, and Tybalt would have survived throughout the play.
Morgan Sharp


Advanced English 1

10 December 2014