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ADHD, a lifetime of distractions.


someone in constant movement and can be distracted very easily


the causes of ADD and ADHD are unknown, but it's believed to be related to the brain structure and chemistry and also genetics


symptoms for the predominantly inattentive type are: difficulty paying attention to details, finishing tasks, and are easily distracted and forgetful

symptoms for predominately Hyperactive-Impulsive Type are: fidgeting and talking a lot, moving excessively or feeling restless, interrupting others or speaking at inappropriate times, and having difficulty waiting their turn. People with Combined Type have symptoms from both types.

age/gender specific

Three times more common in boys, 3-7% of children have ADHD while estimates on the rate among adults are less precise , but it's more common in youth

Background information

ADHD is very well researched, yet it remains extremely controversial. The controversies include different opinions on what causes ADHD , how it affects a person's life, and how it should be treated. Recent research shows that in some cases the disorder may be a result of slower maturation of some parts of the brain. Because ADHD often coexists with other disorders and disabilities, misdiagnosis is very common. Most peiple believe that ADHD is heritable and genetics play a role in its development.


Treatments are mostly variations of stimulants.
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