English Class Winter Update

Fiction, Christmas Party, and More!


For the past two school weeks your students have been hard at work learning all the elements of fiction and plot. We will be having an assessment next Thursday, December 18, to sum up the first half of fiction.

Key Questions to ask :
-What is conflict in a story?
-What is an inciting incident?
-How do you determine the climax/turning point in a story?
These questions can be asked in general or in correlation with a story/book.

White Elephant

Grade appropriate novel wrapped up and needed by next Friday, December 19!

The 6th grade English language arts and reading department is excited to announce that we will be doing a classic game of “White Elephant” the last Friday prior to Winter Break.

How does it work? A white elephant gift exchange is a lighthearted way to have fun with our students. White elephants gifts are traditionally “presents” however, we are asking our students to bring books that are popular amongst their peers. The thought behind a white elephant gift exchange is to give everyone a chance to rid themselves of these gifts- and invariably gain a new one! White elephant gift exchanges can be run different ways. WE are asking that your child purchase a new, generally inexpensive, book just for the party. If you’re really stumped, just go to your local Half Price, Barnes and Noble bookstore and ask for the books that are on popular demand for middle schoolers.

After playing “White Elephant”, we will be discussing the genres of the books we have represented. It will be a great way to end the 2014 year.

Students are welcomed to bring their wrapped books at any time during the last week.