Nord's Newsletter

Novemeber 18-26th


In reading, Mrs. Froehlich and Miss Huff, will begin working with the students on text structures. The first structure they'll be introduced to will be sequencing. They will work on identifying sequence words in non-fiction text(informational) and how this helps readers organize the information they read to gain meaning.


The students are rockin' place value up to the ten-thousands. This will the students will read and write numbers to the millions. I have a feeling they'll do fine with this but then by Thanksgiving Break, the students will be introduced to tenths and hundredths. To model decimals, the students will use base-10 block to help visualize this concept. Also, we'll also review decimals with money.


Miss Huff is working with the students on muscles. We found out that the majority of the students didn't know a whole lot about muscles. So throughout this week and next, the students will gain a lot of new knowledge about muscles. With the all of the new learning, we are keeping track of it on the class KWL chart. The students will do a few activities using their skeletal muscles and another activity to stress the importance of the cardiac muscle. We will concluded this unit before Thanksgiving and finally start our first unit in Social Studies.

Schedule for the Week

Monday: Music
Tuesday: Art
Wednesday: PE
**Late Start**
Thursday: Library and Guidance
Friday: Music and PE

Words Their Way

Here are some pictures of the kids in action with WTW.