Reggie Miller

By: Chris Viering

Life Brief

Reggie Miller was born and raised in Riverside, California on August 24, 1965. Reggie Miller's parents were Saul Miller and Carrie Miller. Reggie Miller's siblings are Cheryl Miller, Darrell Miller, and Tammy Miller. Reggie Miller is still living today and is fifty years old. Reggie Miller went to high school at Riverside Polytechnic. Reggie Miller went to college at UCLA. Reggie Miller got married in 1992 to Marita Stavrou, but they had no kids. They latter divorced in 2001. Reggie Miller is a retired NBA player who's career lasted from 1987-2005. Reggie Miller played all 18 years of his NBA career for the Indiana Pacers.
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Background Symbolism

The background I chose relates to Reggie Miller because he grew up in Riverside, California. Riverside, California is where Reggie Miller was born and raised. Riverside, California represents Reggie Miller's start in life. Riverside, California was where Reggie Miller also fell in love with the sport basketball. "Growing up in Riverside, California" (Wilner 17). "Born August 24 in Riverside, California" (Wilner 62).

Significant Facts

  • Reggie Miller was born with a hip deformity. I found this very interesting because of his ability to overcome his deformity and become a great NBA player.
  • Reggie Miller played his entire NBA career with the Indiana Pacers. I thought this was interesting because most NBA players usually play on multiple teams.
  • Reggie Miller decribed his siblings as more talented, slightly ahead of him, and better athletes than him and that is what kept him wanting to strive to be better. I found this very interesting because without his siblings he most likely would not have become the NBA player that he had become. "Everyone being an athlete and being older, they were somewhat more talented and slightly ahead of him. Reggie always had to work hard" (Wilner 18).


Reggie Miller was chosen for a biography to be written about him because of his interesting life and how he got to the NBA. Reggie Miller accomplished becoming the NBA's greatest long range shooter. Reggie Miller had also over come a deformity in his hip to play basketball, the sport he fell in love with. Due to Reggie Miller being raised by a very athletic family, he always wanted to improve and become better. "Reggie always wanted to work hard" (Wilner 18). Most of all Reggie Miller has accomplished becoming one of the best NBA players of all time.


Reggie Miller had a great struggle with competing with his very athletic siblings. Reggie Miller was in a brace for his hip for five years because of the deformity, but he was determined and this did not slow him down. "His greatest asset is his determination" (Wilner 31). "He's worked very hard to become better, he loves the challenge" (Wilner 31).

Reggie's Mentor

Jack Ramsay served as Reggie Miller's mentor and first coach. Jack Ramsay is the reason why Reggie Miller made it in to the NBA. Jack Ramsay was constantly encouraging Reggie Miller to do better and that good was not good enough. Jack Ramsay was the coach for the Indiana Pacers in 1987, who in 1991 would be introduced into the Basketball Hall of Fame. "It was Ramsay who told Miller to keep on shooting and to take advantage of the three-point shot" (Wilner 39).
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Reggie Miller was awarded as a five time NBA All-Star in the years consisting of 1990, 1995, 1996, 1998, and 2000. Reggie Miller was awarded as All-NBA Third Team in 1995, 1996, and 1998. Reggie Miller was awarded as All-Rookie second team in 1988. Reggie Miller was also a 1996 Olympic gold medalist and a 1994 world championship gold medalist. Reggie Miller was also awarded the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award. He broke an eight-year-old mark set by Larry bird when he hit 61 three-pointers for the season, more than any other rookie in NBA history.

Hobbies and Interests

In Reggie Miller's free time, he loves to train to become better at what he does. Reggie Miller also loves to watch basketball games in his free time. Reggie Miller was also interested in becoming a sports broadcaster after he retired from his professional NBA career. The Reggie Miller Foundation is one of Reggie Miller's hobbies that supports others. Reggie Miller owns three different houses around the country that he likes to spend time in when he has free time.
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I chose a basketball as a symbol of Reggie Miller because of his love for the sport. A basketball also represents Reggie Miller really well because he is a retired NBA player. Reggie Miller was a very good long range shooter and three-point shooter so he was always handling the ball. "Reggie is also known for how fast he releases his shots." (Wilner 12).
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Friend or Foe?

I would consider Reggie Miller as a Foe to me. This is mainly just do to his personality and the way he has acted towards others.

For example:

  • Reggie Miller is very widely known for shooting his mouth off and trash talking people.
  • Reggie Miller has shown to be not as nice of a person as you may think and many people consider him stuck up.
  • Reggie Miller likes to show off and appears to care more about himself than others.

Most Like?

Reggie Miller mostly reminds me of Bill Nye from Bill Nye the Science Guy. This is because of how close there personalities are. Bill Nye seems like a very nice and up beat guy in the show but in reality he is nothing of the sort.

For example:

  • Bill Nye has been known to be rude when talking to someone.
  • Bill Nye has been known for being very sarcastic, mean, and stuck up in his own ways.
  • Bill Nye is also notorious for showing off and thinking he is always right.

Altruist or Egotist?

I believe that Reggie Miller is most definitely an Egotist and much of this has to do with just the way he acts.

For example:

  • Reggie Miller has been known for trash talking and this is because of how good he thinks he is.
  • Reggie Miller is rude to many people because he thinks he is the best in the world.
  • Reggie Miller likes to brag about his achievements.

Fun Facts

  • Reggie Miller was drafted in to the NBA in 1987.
  • Reggie Miller was born with a hip deformity that caused severely splayed feet.
  • Reggie Miller wore a brace for his hip deformity for five years.
  • Reggie Miller was always trying to be better mainly because of his very athletic family.
  • Reggie Miller played for the Indiana Pacers.
  • Reggie Miller only played for one team throughout his entire NBA career
  • Reggie Miller was one of the best long range shooters of all time.
  • Because of Reggie Miller's birth defect in his hip, doctors claimed that Reggie Miller would never be able to walk properly.

How Did Reggie Miller Become Successful?

The main reason Reggie Miller became a successful NBA player was mainly because of his very athletic family. Reggie Miller's siblings all seemed to be slightly ahead of Reggie when he was younger and he was determined to change that. Reggie Miller soon after fell in love with the sport basketball and attempted to become the best at it as he possibly could. For Reggie Miller being good wasn't enough so he would constantly practice to become better. "Everyone being an athlete and being older, they were somewhat more talented and slightly ahead of him. Reggie always had to work hard" (Wilner 18). "It was the greatest thing that could have happened to me" (Wilner 18). These examples show that without his athletic siblings there is a good chance he might not have gotten to where he is today. Jack Ramsay was the one who decided that he wanted Reggie Miller on his team.
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