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Thank you

Thank you for helping out in so many ways for our school. Helping in ways such as sending in socks for Socktober, sending in food and organizing the Thanksgiving Baskets, sending in food for our Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, and helping make our Class Tree decorations makes our school a Community. The unseen help at home of making sure homework/studying is finished as well as having your child read at home daily gives your child a solid base for learning.


Multiplication and Division with Fractions is our Unit 3 learning. Again, fluently being able to calculate the basic multiplication tables is necessary when working with Multiplying and Dividing Fractions. We are learning how to Divide Fractions this week. Our Unit 3 Test will be Monday, December 14th. We will jump right into Multiplying Whole Numbers and Decimals next.
Think Central

This is the online component to our Math Expressions book.


When your child logs into BrainPOP, the login is student bre. Their ordinal number goes between the t and the b. For example, the third student in class would use the login student3bre. The students' password is the student ID number.

ELA - Persuasive Writing

Our first Persuasive Writing is wrapping up this week. The debate whether to use Bottled Water or not is the topic at hand. Ask your child what they think about the subject.

ELA -Making Inferences

We are doing a few more lessons on Making Inferences before Winter Break. Inferences are clues in the text that have Implied Meaning. Students are learning to use Background Knowledge + Text Clues to Make Inferences.

Science and Social Studies

We are working with Our Solar System and Early Exploration of our world.
ScienceSaurus Online Text

Here is an Online Text link to the ScienceSaurus.

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NCG - Trillium Cinema

Monday, Dec. 21st, 9am-12pm

8220 Trillium Cir Ave, Grand Blanc, MI 48439

We are watching The Good Dinosaur. Included with the ticket is a drink and a popcorn!

We have a normal day when we get back at recess time. Here is the permission slip if you need another copy.

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MISSION: Swartz Creek Community Schools inspires our learners to embrace challenges, set goals, grow their talents, and realize their dreams for success in a global society.

VISION: Swartz Creek Community Schools provides a world class education through innovative experiences while developing the unique talents of our learners.

- We believe in a culture of learning.
- We believe that student learning should be the primary goal for all decisions made affecting the school district.
- We believe the climate and culture of the school is engaging, nurturing, challenging, and inspires students to express their personal ideas.
- We believe curriculum is integrated, differentiated, meaningful, and pertinent to life.
- We believe in culturally relevant education that provides the knowledge and skills to meet the global challenges and opportunities of the 21st Century.
- We believe in continuous improvement informed by critical evaluation and reflection.
- We believe expanding technologies enrich how teachers teach and students learn.
- We believe in building relationships and sharing resources with our community, parents, and staff members.