Finding help for substance abuse!

Anonymous Groups

There is help!

The search for a way out of alcoholism, drug addiction and other substance abuse may seem hopeless at times, but there is help! Multiple different anonymous groups are out there, all across the country who's goal is to get YOU sober and substance free!

Where can I get help?

Anonymous groups are in near all cities in every state in the US, and are all devoted to helping people get sober and stay sober. All meetings are posted on the website for the specified city and are all anonymous, which means the fact that you are there is not publicly shared by our groups.

How will this help me?

Anonymous groups have reached the goal of helping thousands of men and women live a life without alcoholism, drug addiction and other substance abuse. These goals have reached to the saving of countless lives. The anonymous program is designed to be able to adapt and work with the members in order to help them live a clean, healthy life, and they could help you too!

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Where can I go to learn more?

One of the best ways to learn more about the service is to go to websites such as: (alcoholics anonymous), (narcotics anonymous), and other useful websites. Addresses for offices, phone numbers and more are provided at the websites for the specific location.