Grade 1A Newsletter 2-5 June 15

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

International Primary Curriculum- 'Myths and Legends'

Our final Celebration of Learning had an IPC focus this week and all our parents enthusiastically got down to business of creating a map of the imaginary mythical land, and plotting a journey taken by the story character from the children wonderful Writer’s Workshop stories.

Of course our children had attempted map work before, and used this prior learning to draw maps with a variety of physical features such as mountains, rivers, oceans, deserts, caves, swamps and so on. Many children also used clear and accurate symbols for their key as well as writing a title and adding compass directions.

The children also added a journey taken by one of their characters and also added this route to the key.

Yesterday afternoon, some classes joined their buddy classes to share both their stories and maps. See photos below!

Language Arts

This week has been adding the finishing touches to our Myths and Legends. The children are so proud of their efforts. It is quite incredible to see the progress the children have made in writing from the start of the year. The Celebration of Learning was a lovely way to acknowledge the achievements the children have made.

Next week we will be reviewing the words on the Grade 1 high frequency word list, so will be much of our focus.

Maths - Money

The last of our unit this year is on addition and subtraction with money. All the strategies we have learnt with addition and subtraction have been applied here. There are so many ways to add and subtract, even with bigger numbers - number bonds, counting back, counting on, columns, mental recall etc. It is amazing seeing the children's confidence in applying these strategies when handling big numbers.

Next week, we will be reviewing and practising some of the trickier concepts before the children move to Grade Two.

Celebration of Learning

Dates for your diary!

Last Day of School Friday 12th June (Half Day)

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