Joyeria Kohinoor

A long lasting jewelry company

Background history

Established in Tenerife, Spain in 1986. Combining the skills and mastery from Spain's finest goldsmiths with the new knowledge and materials in creating classic but contemporary Joyeria Kohinoor jewellery, they keep abreast with the latest trend of jewellery design, strive to build a strong presence in Malaysia with their sophisticated diamonds, gems and gold jewellery collection.


Joyeria Kohinoor is a one stop jewelry shop. Where you are able to buy rare jewelry, custom make your own unique item, trade in your old jewelry for something bigger and better, or just get rid of your old pieces for cash.

Why I chose this company

I choose this company because I found their story incredibly inspirational in how they started with almost nothing and in a few short years they are able to be one of the leading manufacturers in Malaysia.