Summer School 101

May 4-8

Scheduling Updates

Bret and I meet early this week to look over potential mock schedules for summer school. We realized immediately there are simply too many possible scheduling scenarios to support each site and their unique needs. In order to support your thinking, here are some bullet points to consider as you begin making decision for your individual summer school buildings and staff.

  • Teacher will have 30 minutes Library time weekly
  • Teachers will have two 30 minutes recesses daily. Consider substituting one recess for a more organized PE time (one grade level teacher could cover each and allow plan time for one another)
  • Students will have 50 minutes of Makers Space daily. This can be done either in classroom or in conjunction with another class/library. If done in conjunction with another class, this would create another opportunity for plan time for teachers.
  • Computer labs will be set up at summer school sites and could be used for personalized learning or projects.
  • Personalized learning could also be done during literacy station rotation in the classroom as well.

We highly encourage you to email your staff, introduce yourself and begin discussions about arrival and dismissal duties. There are likely individuals assigned to each site that work their during the regular school year who will be willing to assist and trade out time.

We also recommend considering an onsite meeting the first Monday or Tuesday of summer school to discuss some of these items. We can not require teachers to attend prior to their contract but your could have a meeting after summer school has begun. You may also decide to flip your this meeting with your staff and post it to the summer school canvas page instead.

If you have specific questions about scheduling for your site, please contact Bret.

Last CPI Training

Wednesday, May 27th, 8am-5pm

KAC Meeting Room A

To sign up, contact Jill Templeton at 523-7500 or email