Learning Coach Update

Chicago Virtual Charter School

October 14, 2016

Learning Coach University Workshop-Growth Mindset

The FAST (Family Academic Support Team) will lead workshops during the 2016-2017 regarding the topic of A Growth Mindset. The curriculum provides powerful tools to help parents support their students in understanding that abilities can be developed through hard work and dedication. The meetings will be held during the third week of each month during the first hour of your student’s Learning Center time. Please join us for our 2nd workshop during the week of October 17th.

School Pictures

School photos will take place the week of October 24th while students are in their Learning Center Sessions. Flyers to purchase pictures will be sent home from your student's Learning Center teacher. There are extras in the main office.

Students First Check-In

CVCS wants to make sure you and your student have what you need to be successful this school year. We value your feedback and ask that you answer super-short Students First Surveys that will be emailed to you at various points in the year. Each survey should take less than a minute to complete and will help us better support you and your student. We appreciate your consistent feedback as we work together to make this a great school year. If you ever need immediate assistance, please contact your teacher or please visit http://www.k12.com/support.

K12 National College and Career Workshops

Have you ever thought about life after high school? Have you consider the careers you might be interested in and whether or not you want, or will need, to attend college? There is a lot to think about to get ready: where to go, what to study, how to apply, how to pay for it, and more.

It is never too early or late to explore your options.

K12 will be hosting two live workshop sessions each month through the end of the 2016-2017 school year for students to talk about college and career prep topics.

All sessions are held on Fridays at NOON Central Time.

October Sessions are listed below

October 14th at NOON-PSAT, SAT, ACT Testing-Why They Matter and Tricks and Tips

October 21st at NOON-PSAT, SAT, ACT-Planning and Prep

Click to RSVP https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/16-17K12CCW

Box Tops Contest

The first Box Tops/ Labels for Education contest is now under way. The class that collects the most Box Tops will win an ice cream party! The fall is a great time to look for and clip labels. Bring in your clipped Box Tops or Labels for Education to your teacher in a bag that is labeled with the teacher's name and grade. In order to give the correct class credit, it is important that the name of the teacher and grade is on the bag or envelope. If they are not labeled properly, they will be evenly distributed to all the classes.

The deadline to submit the 1st round of Box Tops is Friday, October 28th.