Best Action-Packed Books I Read

And Enjoyed


This text set is about all the different books I read that had a good action-packed adventure. the reason I chose this focus is because I like to read books with action and adventure so I made this text set. I recommend these books to 7-9 grade boys and girls who likes an adventure with action and battles. In each book, they had a lot a adventuring and fights that I enjoyed reading.


A unique book that has a world different but similar as ours but has 5 different fractions. With people that has different personalities in fraction with a quote "Fraction before Blood." When teenagers turn to a specific age, they can join a different fraction and can leave their families behind.


The reason I chose these books for the "Best Action Packed Books I Read" is because in the books I read there were fights and intense battles that leaves you wanting to read more. This text set flyer is recommended for teens/ young adults who are looking for a book that has more action than any other books you read. A book that could be in this text set is a book called "Erased".