My Personality

Maggie Linn

ISFJ Personality

ISFJ personalities are often perfectionists and are relied on to get their job done on time. They go above and beyond with their responsibilities. They are selfless and excessively kind to others.



ISFJs are helpers who share their knowledge, experiences, time, and energy to anyone who needs it.

Reliable, Hardworking, and Patient

ISFJs often go above and beyond the requirements of their responsibilities. They take a steady approach to accomplish what needs to be done.

Imaginative and Enthusiastic

ISFJs are imaginative, and use this trait as an accessory to empathy. They are enthusiastic and use their enthusiasm to help them complete their work.


Shy and Takes Things too Personally

ISFJs are concerned with other people's feelings and don't want their thoughts to be known. They have trouble separating personal from impersonal things.

Overload Themselves

Their strong sense of perfectionism can cause them to stress out and overload themselves with work, trying to accomplish goals and other peoples expectations.

Does ISFJ fit my personality?

In most ways, the personality of an ISFJ fits my personality. For example, I tend to overload myself with work and exceed expectations. However, most of the time, if someone tries to critique me or give me a negative comment, I do my best to fix it, but don't let it affect my normal actions.