Real Fears

The oval portrait and Insterstellar

The Fear in "The Oval portrait"

The fear of losing someone you love in the oval portrait is seen in the poem "The Oval Portrait" by Edgar Allen Poe as the wife feels under appreciated by her husband who looks to love art more than her.

Example 1

And then the brush was given, and then the tint was placed; and, for one moment, the painter stood entranced before the work which he had wrought; but in the next, while he yet gazed, he grew tremulous and very pallid, and aghast, and crying with a loud voice, 'This is indeed Life itself!' turned suddenly to regard his beloved: -- She was dead!

Example 2

It was thus a terrible thing for this lady to hear the painter speak of his desire to pourtray even his young bride. But she was humble and obedient, and sat meekly for many weeks in the dark, high turret-chamber where the light dripped upon the pale canvas only from overhead

The Fear in Interstellar

The fear of losing somebody you love is still relevant today and can be seen in the movie Interstellar when The main characters daughter has a fear of losing her father as he his about to go to space and doesn't know when or if he will ever come back
Interstellar - Cooper leaves HD


When Murph realizes that her dad may not be ever coming back, she has a fear of losing him and not being able to ever be or see him ever again.