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What's Going On at #FAPBG-Week of December 2, 2019

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Franklin Feast

We had a great day celebrating our 4th Franklin Feast today! Thank you to all the parents and staff that volunteered last night and today to make this a success and to Ms. Sanchez and Ms. Huelsman for coordinating all the food and service for our students and staff. It's our favorite day of the year and a great chance to celebrate all that we have to be grateful for as a Franklin Family! We hope each of you are able to celebrate with your families this week as well. Happy Thanksgiving to all!

And the winner is...

Coin Wars has officially come to an end!!! We couldn’t be more excited with how much this fundraiser raised along with how involved the students, teachers and parents got!! Overall, we raised just over $3,900!

Here are the LAST and FINAL OVERALL standings:
1st place - 3rd grade with 21,299 points
2nd place - Kindergarten with 16,894 points
3rd place - 2nd grade with 15,644 points
4th place - 8th grade with 10,840 points
5th place - 4th grade with 9,186 points
6th place - 5th grade with 6,314 points
7th place - 6th grade with 704 points
8th place - 7th grade with -1,201 points
9th place - 1st place with -4,474 points

We want to thank the students and teachers for getting so involved and excited about the fundraiser! Watching every student walk in each morning with the biggest smile and bag of coins ready to strategize was amazing!! We loved how everyone communicated every morning and all students were there to help the younger students!

CONGRATULATIONS to 3rd grade who finished the race with 21,299 points! Not only did they win the race, but they also had the most POSITIVE amount raised with just over $600 by bringing in their pennies and dollars!! AWESOME job 3rd grade and we can’t wait to celebrate with you with a popsicle party right after Thanksgiving break!!

Again, thank you to ALL grades and students who made Coin Wars such a success with raising just over $3,900!! Everyone did amazing and we are so proud of you all!! Be ready to compete again next year when Coin Wars comes back with a possible chance of winning in 2nd place and 3rd place as well!!

Grades 3-5 Elementary Winter Diagnostics:

Beginning the week of December 2nd, students in grades 3-5 will begin completing the Palm Beach Winter Diagnostics. The purpose of these assessments is to receive feedback on current student performance. Additionally, these scores will serve as a predictor levels for the end of year FSA.

Please help us prepare your student by making sure they eat a well-balanced, healthy breakfast, get a good night’s sleep and arrive on time. Remind your student to try their best, answer all of the questions, and check their work. If possible, please try to avoid arranging appointments during these days.

Reading Diagnostic Dates:

Grades 3-4: December 2nd-3rd

Grade 5: December 9th-December 10th

Math Diagnostic Dates:

Grades 3-5: December 4th-5th

Science Diagnostic Dates: (Grade 5 only)

December 11th-12th

November Staff Birthdays

November 2- Ms Russell

November 2- Mr. Motta

November 5- Ms. Renzulli

November 10- Ms. Morabito

November 11- Mr. Homan

November 16- Ms. Huelsman

November 17- Ms. Brooks

November 18- Ms. Schwartz

November 20- Ms. Sands

November 27- Ms. Calvert

November 30- Mr. Linehan

Growth, Gratitude, Goals, & Grit

This year, we are focusing school-wide on celebrating growth, expressing gratitude, achieving goals, and developing grit.

If you would like to recognize a student, teacher, or faculty member, please fill out the form below!



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