Whole Family Catechesis

Whole Family Catechesis

Whole Family Catechesis is an alternative to traditional PREP classes.

Family catechesis has proven to be a powerful experience for thousands of families within the Archdiocese and across the nation. What is Family Catechesis?

"Family-centered catechetical programs are opportunities for parents to catechize their children directly, for spouses to catechize each other and for children to catechize one another and their parents” (National Directory for Catechesis #61.2).

Children and teens need to become lifelong Catholics and members of the church which starts by involving the whole family in the life of the church.

A highlight of this program is you get to learn at your own pace at times that work for you! Involve all members of your family, especially Grandparents!

What is the goal and mission of family catechesis?

  • help families learn how to pray and to discuss their faith together
  • help parents better understand their role as primary catechists
  • bring families together in order to share and deepen their Catholic faith
  • strengthen the relationship between the family and the Church
  • establish ongoing Catholic faith practices within the family life
  • integrate the family into the parish community

How will it work?

Here are some basics of the program:

  • Parents will meet with the DRE 5 times per year. We will discuss the upcoming unit that will be taught at home. We will have a chance to discuss our faith with each other. Meetings are about one hour in length. Being guided by state and Archdiocesan guidelines through the upcoming year, we will meet either in manageably-sized groups or we will meet virtually.
  • Children and parents will cover the chapters at home, emailing a chapter quiz to the DRE, or sending copies of chapter assessments. There are many online resources to aid in the coverage of the chapters.
  • Our goal is to have the children come to campus once or twice a semester for some faith activities possibly including grade level Masses (again, following guidelines from the state and Archdiocese).
  • There are 5 Units for each grade level consisting of 5 chapters. We will be covering the first four chapters in each unit, leaving time for some seasonal topics. No matter what grade level your children are in, they all will be learning the same unit topics.
  • All families will be provided a calendar outlining when the chapters are to be covered.
  • Children in a sacrament year will need to complete additional sacramental prep work including attending a couple of classes.
  • Families will attend the two Family Faith Formation events held throughout the year. They will also attend a Lenten activity. Depending on the safety guidelines, these faith formation activities might be in the form of faith-based activities available for pick-up to be used at home.

Choice of paper or on-line

Each grade level will be using Loyola Press. There is a very good online component that allows for you as a parent to utilize lesson plans, videos, review activities, etc. to help guide your children through the chapter. Your children can take online quizzes (called interactive session reviews) after each chapter which you email to yourself and your grade level catechist.

Textbooks will be provided to all students. If you'd rather your child not do the quizzes on-line, you can instead have them take the chapter assessments on paper and either scan or take a picture of it to email to the DRE. You will be provided with the assessments when you pick up the textbook. You can convey your preference of either online or paper version when you register through Parish Giving.

Complete instructions will be sent out to all families.

Tentative Calendar

There are 5 units that will be covered from September through May. Each unit can be completed at your own pace through the course of 5 or 6 weeks. Each parent meeting will cover the upcoming unit. So for example, after our first meeting discussing Unit 1, your child will have 5 to 6 weeks to complete the 5 Unit 1 chapters (called sessions in Loyola Press).

Picking up Materials

There will be times set aside when you can pick up your child's material.

Registration and Tuition

Registration will open May 3rd. You will be sent an email from Parish Giving, so please make sure and look out for this email. Please make sure and update your information when prompted, making sure we have your correct contact information.

Traditional PREP and our WFC models both have the same tuitions to account for books, supplies, and materials. Tuition fees will help cover the following costs to provide you with the best possible resources to teach your children at home:

  • textbooks
  • copying of materials to be sent home
  • faith formation events/kits
  • fees for online support and communications
  • administrative assistance

Tuition this year will be:

$190 for one child

$345 for two children

$450 for three or more children

Sacramental fees:

$75 for Level 2 First Penance and First Holy Communion

$85 for Level 6 Confirmation