Phillip II of Spain


Goals and Accomplishments

  • Goal: To expand Spanish influence, strengthen Catholic power, and make his own absolute power
  • Achievements: further centralized royal power, reigned as an absolute monarch asserted by divine right, defeated Ottoman fleet in Mediterranean. He ruled the wealthiest, most powerful nation in Europe.

Religious and Political Viewpoints

  1. Religion- saw himself as the guardian of the Roman Catholic Church, dedicating most of his life to defend the Catholic Reformation. Enforced religious unity. Was against Protestants. Turned the inquisition against Protestants and others thought to be heretics.
  2. Political - very dedicated and ambitious, spending most of his time to government work. He was against Protestants, devoting most of his rule to defending the Catholic Church. He believed his rule was because of the divine right,w hitch he used to justify most of his religion

How He Controlled...

  1. Military: defended the Catholic Church and turned back the rising Protestant tide in Europe. He fought many wars in an attempt to advance Spanish Catholic Power. He also gained control of Portugal. He prepared an armada to invade England.
  2. Tax and Spending: silver and gold from the Americas fueled the Spanish economy and ensured the Spanish power