American Revolution

How Did America Win?

The odds


few men

little experience

low on weapons/ supplies

knew the land well

had an ally

Wanted it badly


Many men

lots of experience

had the newest weapons/ supplies.

did not know the land well

strongest in the world

were not convinced that the win would be good for GB

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They fought on their home soil.

Since the revolution was in the colonies the colonial army knew their land they had better advantages during battles. Also since it was fought in America Britain had to travel across the whole Atlantic Ocean to send troops and supplies which was expensive and took time.
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Had More pride (patriotism)

The Americans have a reason to be fighting. They wanted this so bad and would whatever it takes to be Britain. British on the other hand did not care. King George tried to convince his solders that beating america would be a good thing for their country.
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George Washington

The colonial army had George Washington which was a huge advantage for America. George Washington was an excellent commander and helped the colonial army greatly with him. George Washington had a ton of experience in battles and he led us to victory in many wars. George Washington was known as the commander of chief of the colonies.

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The ally France

France for some reason decided they were cooler than Great Britain so they sent two French high ranking officers which helped the us with training and commanding the US troops. France also sent supplies to the colonies which was good because they had little supplies, they also sent some average troops to help the US. This helped the US win some key battles. Then later to victory.

Who is king george III

king George was the ruler of Great Britain at the time and was the one sending all the troops and controlled anything and everything that the British did.
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Why was this win for america good for other countries?

This was big because it inspired other countries to gain independence for themselves. Especially since America were such underdogs. One example was France. The poor fought the rich in that country and later leading to everyone being equal and having independence of their own.
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