Go There Soon

Why You Should Go There

You mind as well come to Egypt. It is a amazing learning space. Your children will get to learn about so much such as the amazing history, some religious facts, and some great science. There is so many things you can do there for fun too. You also can see some of the beautiful things that they have made. Such as the earrings or ancient tombs. Also the have excellent music there.


Cario is the capital of Egypt. It is has been the cultural center of the Arab world. It is a very old city on the banks of the Nile river. If you want to got to the newer part of Cario go to the part that faces the river. However if you do not wish to go to a newer part then go to the other side. There is a business central in the middle of the modern side of Cario. But if you want to see sights then go to the older part. There you can find monuments, the pyramid of giza, and the city of the dead. It became a Muslim empire.

Valley of the Kings

The valley of the kings is located near the Nile river. It has the tombs that were built for the kings. Which some might call pharaohs. They are the kings that ruled from 1500s to 1000s. The Egyptians no longer preferred for pyramids as tombs. They thought the kings deserved a more hidden place. Because then there probably was a need for money. So they did not want any one to rob their rulers of their rulers riches. There are around 60 tombs. (the picture below is the valley of the kings.)

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Aswan High Dam

It is 500 miles south of Cario. When it was completed around the 1970s. They thought it was one of the Egyptians greatest projects ever made. Because of the dam there is no longer flooding in the river of the Nile, better fishing jobs, and a lot of electric power. The enormous job began in 1960s. The water that's held back is lake Nesser. A very famous tourist place.
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Egyptian Transportation

1.Boats (the nile river)

2.Walking (on land)

3.Jeep (on land)

4. Camel riding (on land for long travels)

Intresting Foods

1.Broad beans and sauce (Ful Mudammas).

2.Mint tea (Shai).

3.Hummus (It is like a sort of dip).

4.Lemon and garlic potato salad.

5.Letttace salad.

6. A cinnamon beverage (Irea).

7. A sesame seed paste (Tahini).

8.A food made for fava beans (Tamiyya).

Some Egyptian Words You May Use

Imam: Religious leader.

Maalesh: Means don't worry or nevermind.

Mawaed al-Rahman: Means meals from god.

Nashid: Is a music that has a Arabic and western tune.


Eid al-nabawi: Celebrates Mahammads birth.

Eid al-fitr: A celebration at the end of Ramada (a holy month).

Sham al-Nessim: A holiday celebrated at the beginning of spring.

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