Technical Assistance Network

A Focus on Equity

Exploring Strategies, Techniques and Tools for Continuous Improvement

Teams will examine data, develop a needs assessment and collaborate as they strive to improve student achievement.

Take Aways

You will leave each learning session equipped with knowledge and tangible activities that you can take back and easily implement with your staff.

New Meeting Format (Formerly SID, Title I Network, RSN)

We know that it's hard for you to be out of your district. We know that it's even harder for you to get time as a team away from your district. With that in mind, we have planned a joint effort this year with the morning of each of these dates being held for traditional meetings exclusive to the hat you are wearing that day: Title I, SID, RSN. The afternoons will offer extended learning and collaboration times dedicated to teams from your district. While these teams are welcome to include anyone, because you have vital members of your team here for morning meetings, that is a great starting point and we welcome you to expand from there as you are able to.

  • October 3 Linking Roles & Initiatives
  • November 28 Conducting a Needs Assessment
  • January 24 Practices Part 1
  • March 19 Practices Part 2
  • April 24 Planning for Continuous Improvement