Ancient Greece

With Jake


Pericles supported democracy. Around 460 B.C. he became leader of a democratic group. He introduced reforms that strengthened democracy. He made an important change that had city pay salary to its officials. This allowed poor student to be able to afford to hold public office.

The Rulers of All

The Rulers of All

The twelve Olympians were a group of 12 gods and goddesses that the Greeks worshiped. Each ruled different part of natural world and a different area of human life. The main difference between gods and humans was that gods were immortal. All the gods were ruled by Zeus. Zeus ruled humanity and the gods from mt. Olympus.


Over spring break I went to Dallas to visit my cousin. While I was there we went to aquarium. The aquarium was fun because we got to be right next to fish and even sharks.

Thinking of Reality

Important arts

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The builder brought Greek architecture to its highest point. There most magnificent work was the Parthenon a temple to honor Athena.


Greeks devoted a great amount of attention to arts. Greeks used multiple kinds of arts to glorify and honor their gods. They are also known for writing plays.