Science news update

By: Melissa lagunna Raquel vasquez

Do you know what convection is ?

Convection is heat transferred to a liquid. There are three ways of convection. Convection,Radiation and conduction. Radiation is the transfer of energy. Conduction is the transfer of energy with iron materials touching.

You Cant see convection

Convection is possible to see. Convection it is rare to see but if you boil water you can see convection. Convection is used in other ways. It is used in the ocean. Also convection is used by tectonic plates.

Convection,Radiation,conduction are different in a way but similar

Heat is transferred through them. They are similar and different at the same time. The reason why is because convection has to do with liquids and conduction has to do with metal irons touching. Convection is different from conduction. That are some ways they are different.

Thats to sum it all up