Samurai & Bushido

Legends of Japan

The Samurai's

During this time period Samurai's were known as ("those who serve") military servants that had emerged and they were used for protection/security and also the property of their employers. They had fought on horse back, had full body armor, had a bow, and also used a sword to fight in battles. The Samurai's were known to follow a warrior code called "Bushido".


Bushido was known in Japan and also was known as "the way of the warrior". Warriors had codes that they had to follow and it was not just something you could blow off, it was strict rules. Do to this if you didn't follow these rules very precisely then you were technically not a Samurai.

Effects on Japanese

The Samurai's and Bushido had tons of effects on Japan culture. Samurai's had started taking control because of how small the government started to become. With the government becoming smaller, means that the people had more power to become what they wanted to achieve. The Aristocrats had influenced quite a bit with this because they were the ones that brought in the Samurai's. Then next the Samurai's had to follow the Bushido very strictly or else they weren't counted as a Samurai. Do to all of the Samurai fighting their battles and sacrificing themselves to not be called Samurai's would be pointless. That is why they really express the "Bushido" the way of the warrior".


I would become a Samurai because I would be known very well. Also taking control and fighting for what I love would considers a lot. I want to follow the Bushido and try to become one of the top Samurais. Being on a horse and wearing armor with weapons, killing people. You can't tell me that wouldn't be great. This is my life. Security and protection is very highly to me.