LaCoste Elementary Newsletter

2022-2023 School Year / Week of Oct. 24th - Oct. 28th

From the Front Office:

LaCoste Families,

We hope you have a safe and great 3 day weekend with your family. Monday Oct 31, 2022 is a student holiday. Enjoy the day and sharpen the saw with your families! If you are participating in Halloween trick or treating we have some safety tips below from each of our grade levels to help your family have fun and stay safe. We will see your child back on Tuesday November 1st.

Halloween Safety Tips

1. Only accept candy from homes that are approved by your parents.

2. Always have permission from your parents to eat a candy before eating it.

3. Always walk on sidewalks and use a flashlight or glow stick to help cars better see you.

4. Stay with your parents or a group of trusted adults at all times.

I would like to thank all the parent volunteers who helped with the Fall Fun Day. We are lucky to have your support for our students. It takes enormous energy to be in a room full of young talents with physical energy.

I would like to also thank Mrs. Wells and Mrs. Godel for serving on the community bond advisory committee.

UIL Competition Information

Please read this newsletter to learn more about our LCE UIL Teams and which one may be a good fit for your student!

Counselor's Corner

I will finish up my lesson on bullying prevention and kindness this week.

PK - I will read the book “Billy Bully,” which is about a Bull that loses friends when mean, but gains them when nice. We will talk about situations that are kind/not kind.

K - A comparison will be used with people and plants. When plants are unhealthy they are sad and droopy, while when healthy they stand tall and are happy. This is similar to people and we can help each other stand tall by being a “watering can” of kindness. Students will color and give me a positive note to write on the pot. We will mix them up and each student will get a message from someone in class.

1st - Students will be taught the difference between tattling and reporting situations. The book “Tattle Tongue” will be used to drive the discussion and practice.

2nd - I will read “One” while doing a food coloring experiment with students. They will learn what a bystander and upstander is.

3rd - Students will learn the difference between rude, mean, and bullying. They will also learn the difference between a nice and mean tease and how powerful our words are to others. The book “Tease Monsters” will be used to assist with the lesson and students will show if they would have hurt feelings or not in different situations which will ultimately show that words affect us differently.

4th - Will read “The Invisible Boy” and discuss inclusion/exclusion. We will do an experiment to help concrete the terms. Students will also learn the difference between rude, mean, bullying behaviors.

5th - An activity with glitter will help students to learn that words/gossip can get quite messy and leaves a trail. A powerpoint will be used to help students to understand how hurtful gossip can be. Students will move in the classroom to different partners and discuss what to do in different situations.

We continue to be available to all students upon request. If you have any questions or concerns, you are welcome to contact us at the emails listed below, or use the attached form.

Talking Time Counseling Request Form

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Watch D.O.G.S

Thank you to our male role models who came to learn more about our Watch D.O.G.S program. Thank you to those that chose to commit to the program and signed up to volunteer too! If you are a dad/grandpa/uncle/adult brother and missed it and would like to know how to be involved in volunteering, please contact
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Leaders of the Week

5th Grader Victoria Mendez is ready and willing to help me with any extra duties. She also volunteers to help any and all students in the class by organizing folders, journals, and binders. Victoria keeps her priorities in line by taking care of her learning but always manages to go out of her way to help others.

1st Grader Hope Cancino always "thinks win win" and goes above and beyond to help those around her. She partnered up with a new student to show him where he needed to be for bus pick up. She's always watching out for those around her.

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WIG#3 Leaders of the Week

Our Campus wide WIG#3 is “Students will model their 7 habits in the cafeteria. They will have an opportunity to earn weekly class recognition based on positive behavior.”

Students have an opportunity to obtain the 1st place Golden Fork or 2nd place Silver Spoon each week by displaying the BEST leadership skills in the cafeteria for the week.

Golden Fork:

2nd - Cole

3rd - Lopez

4th - B. Garza

5th - Trujillo

Silver Spoon:

2nd - Robertson

3rd - Hecker

4th - Murray

5th - Haass

Caught Being a Leader!

Click HERE to see this week's leaders!

Students cannot only be caught being a leader at school by staff, but also at home by you! If you see your child exhibiting any of the habits on their own without prompting, fill out this form! Examples: Habit 3: Put First Things First - Your child went to a quiet area in your home and began doing their homework without being told. Habit 5: Seek First To Understand, Then To Be Understood - Your child listened to their sibling’s point of view during an argument, understood why their sibling was upset, and did not push their own opinion of what happened or interrupt.

Students that are caught being a leader will have their name announced on the morning announcements and will be able to choose a charm for their Leader In Me Chain. Students proudly wear their chains to our Campus Awards.

CLICK HERE to tell us about how you caught your leader using their habits at home!

Leaders Wanted!

We want to showcase our LaCoste leaders in our trophy case on campus. We’d like to showcase students that are leaders OUTSIDE of school. Is your child proactive with the Girl Scouts or Boys Scouts? Does your child synergize with cousins in raising animals for the stock show? Maybe your child is part of a youth group that helps in picking up trash on the weekends? Capture a picture and send it to us! Please indicate your child’s name and what organization they are a part of.

PTO Corner

What a great day we had at our Fall Fun Day! Thank you to the parents and teachers that helped make it happen and for donating candy and snacks! A few dates to remember coming up in November: Nov. 7-11 Scholastic Book Fair, Nov. 10 Night at the Book Fair, and Nov 17 Turkey Bingo. Win a Turkey dinner and other great prizes!

November PTO Newsletter

Spirit Shirts and Membership

Want to Volunteer? Check out the flier below!

If you have any questions feel free to email us at
Breakfast/Lunch Menus

Visit to fill out the Free/Reduced Lunch Application

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Mrs. Neal’s class synergized by working together on a STEM project. Groups had to use various materials to build a home for their ghost

Mr. Crowther was taking advantage of a beautiful day with his students outside in learning science.

New Student Tour by Student Lighthouse Team

MVHS Tennis Players greeted Students on Friday

Mrs. Trujillo's students investigated the amount of force it takes to move objects

Coach's Corner


Combined with exercise and stretching. We are working on their overall conditioning for physical activity. We practiced activities (stations) that the students will do this Friday in PE for the Fall Festival. This was done so the kids will know what to do at a designated station. The activities (stations) are altered for the lower grade levels.


Combined with exercise and stretching. We are working on their overall conditioning for physical activity. We practiced activities (stations) that the students will do this Friday in PE for the Fall Festival. This was done so the kids will know what to do at a designated station.

We will always work with you regarding if your child or children need to sit out in PE due to a medical reason. A note must be provided for documentation. There will be activities we do in PE that may be difficult. We are just wanting the students to try their best and with practice they will get better. If they do not try they will not get better.

Caught Reading

Parents can also submit their child for the drawing if they catch them reading at home!

Upcoming Events

Nov. 7th - Beginning of 3rd 6 Weeks

Nov. 8th - 5th Grade BIL Field Trip

Nov. 9th - Report Cards Posted

Nov. 11th - Veterans Day

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