Austin's Lithuania project

Facts and features about Lithuania

The capital of Lithuania is Vilnius. It declared its independence from USSR on March 11, 1990.


Lithuania is slightly larger than West Virginia. It is located on the Baltic Sea. It is between Latvia and Russia.
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Lithuania has a parliamentary democracy. The leaders are the Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic. The leaders are chosen by elections.
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Most people speak Lithuanian. 82% of the country speaks it. Eight percentage speak Russian. The third language is polish where 5.6% speak it.

Imports and Exports

The main import is minerals and machines. They import in equipment for manufacturing. The main export is 23% textiles. They produce clothing.
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Differences and similarities

The first difference between Lithuania and the United States is the countries age. Lithuania was founded in 1990. The United States was founded in 1776. The climate of the two countries is also different. Lithuania is a cool climate where the people wear warm clothes. The US climate varies from tropical in Florida to very cold in Alaska. Lithuania is extremely small compared to the US. The language in Lithuania is mostly Lithuanian, with a little Russian and Polish.

The two countries do have similar governments. They both have a democracy government. Both leaders are elected by the people. They both use the same currency of the US dollar. Both countries have the Roman Catholic religion. Lithuania also celebrates Santa Clause.

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