Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie



Bobby is attractive because every where he goes girls chase him like he is some kind of movie star. He is also attractive because he is good looking and he has had a lot of girlfriends. Bobby doesn't like to be chased by girls because he wants to be sober.
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Bobby is talented because he can the guitar. He can play a lot of songs on his guitar because he is in a band. When bobby got a call from on of his band members during the night he had to pack his clothes and go to Nashville. He had to go to Nashville because he had to audition for something with his band members.
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Bobby was almost as tall as dad, good with tools, and strong enough to carry two sacks of concrete at once. Eighty pounds on one shoulder. That sort of load would snap my spine. Girls chased him like he was some kind of movie star. He'd gotten all the good genes. I was a runt who had to think hard to remember which way to turn a wrench.